What We Offer

Commercial Construction


JRC Construction is dedicated to make sure that your business and commercial construction needs are fulfilled with extreme care and expertise. We make sure that your building is not just one that is seen as a business building only, but we ensure that your building will be one that you are happy with and one that you are motivated by. We work together with you to give you all of the things you want to see in your building. We enjoy bringing your needs in with our experience to make your building functional and successful.


Agricultural Construction


We look forward to helping you get the best agricultural construction… we offer exactly what you are looking for and work together with you to achieve the ultimate goal in your agricultural construction desires. From dairy buildings that make sure your cattle are comfortable to equestrian buildings that have great ventilation, durability and comfort… we give our very best in our agricultural construction and make sure what you’re looking for is what you get. We can build your calf barns, steel barns, stables, milking parlor, pack barns, wood barns and everything you can think of when you think of agricultural construction!


Industrial Construction


JRC looks forward to building for you in the industrial construction arena. Whether it is for a factory, power plant or any industrial construction needs we are here for you. We have specialized training when it comes to industrial construction. There is nothing better than knowing your building is being constructed by the best that is out there. It takes the right construction company to meet all of the industrial construction needs… that company is JRC; we make sure that what you want is what you get, and we exceed any and all expectations that you have!


Residential Construction


When it comes to residential construction you know what it is you want. Everything that you want in your home can become a reality when you choose JRC Construction. We make sure that your residence is somewhere you want to come home to every single day. Your home is a place that you should be comfortable and at peace in. When you decide to build your home, your every desire can be met, especially when you come to us to help you out. And if your home needs to be remodeled or if you want to add on to it, we are here for that as well! Whatever you may need in the residential construction area we are here to serve you.


Flat Work


When it comes to flat work we are the right company for you. We are the best company for your concrete slab work and finishing. If you need your floor, walkway or any area that requires concrete slab we will get that done for you! You will be thoroughly pleased with the flat work when the job is completed.


Curb & Gutter


We make sure that the curb work that is required of us is done and meets all of your needs. To get the best curb work and have gutters put in the curbs where you desire. The curb and gutter work we do is always precise and we are always professional in what we do.


Decorative Concrete Work


If you desire to have style or decorative concrete work done in the concrete that you have, we are especially ready to do this for you. Any decorative work that you can want in your concrete we can provide for you. JRC Construction is a company that excels in every area, and decorative concrete is no exception.


Residential and Commercial Snow Removal


When it snows you don’t want to have to worry about getting it removed from your property whether it is a residential property or a commercial property. With JRC Construction you don’t have to worry at all. Set up a contract with us to remove the snow for you and whenever it snows we will have it taken care of for you right away! Removal of snow is a high priority and you don’t need to worry about doing it yourself… let us take care of it!

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